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Wiring a new house or building? We have an excellent team of licensed electricians with extensive experience in full wiring roll outs for new buildings. They create a tailored and optimised wiring design for your specifications, then they install the full wiring solution with complete accuracy, high attention to detail and quality workmanship. They don’t cut corners in order to ensure it’s done right the first time. This is particularly important in new wiring installs because electrical infrastructure is difficult and expensive to fix after the premises are completed.

To ensure the safety and quality of your new wiring install they strictly adhere to the highest level of standards concerning wiring rules, they guarantee to follow or exceed the Australian/New Zealand Standard for Wiring Rules (AS/NZS 3000:2007) (November 2007 and revised July 2009).

With over 30 years experience on the Gold Coast they have wired up thousands of new homes, businesses, buildings, apartments and factories. We have the experts Gold Coast relies on for quality wiring solutions to any new building. Looking to save some money? We can advise you about energy efficient design, layout and products. Call us now to discuss your requirements.


Renovating or upgrading? Require maintenance or repair? Here at 24 Hour Emergency Electrician Gold Coast we have you covered, all of your rewiring needs we can handle it. They do partial and complete rewiring so there is no job too big or small. Or are you in need of an after hours emergency rewire? No problem, call us anytime and we will get an Electrician at any Gold Coast location within the hour.

After many years an electrical system can deteriorate and become dangerous to use, a rewire upgrade may be required. Are you experiencing any of the following issues:
Evidence of DIY wiring – if unlicensed electrical work has been conducted then it may pose a safety problem.
Age – if your home is over 40 years old. Fuses are used not circuit breakers.
Tripping – safety switch or circuit breakers repeatedly trip.
Damage – loose or damaged wiring may cause an arch and spark which can result in fire.
Burning smell – a persistent burning smell in the house which can’t be identified could indicate overheating of electrical wiring.
Flood – if your home has experienced damage from flooding.

A complete electrical rewire is usually a major job but is of critical importance to safety. The length of time and cost for rewiring a house depends upon the size of the home, the number of power points and switches and the layout of the electrical circuits. Electrical rewiring of your home or unit won’t put your life on hold. You’ll still have power outside of work hours and jobs are usually completed within 2-3 days depending on the size of your home. They clean up after every day so your home is livable.


Switchboard Vs Fuse Box

Both switchboards and fuse boxes regulate the distribution of electricity in the premises, in the event of an electrical overload the breaker/fuse that corresponds to the overloaded circuit will flip/blow, cutting off all electricity to a particular segment. Ceramic fuses were standard with houses older than 30 years, now switchboard circuit breakers are used instead. If your fuse box is malfunctioning then it poses a critical safety risk and it is imperative to upgrade to the new technology.

Current standard switchboards are fitted with automatic trip circuit breakers and RCD safety switches that cut off power supply when a fault is detected, preventing electrocution and circuit overload. Current regulations require safety switches to be installed standard by all electricians.

If you have an old style fuse box then upgrade to a new switchboard today to protect your home or workplace. New premises without existing electrical infrastructure? We’ll take care of it, we do new switchboard installs for new homes and business premises, apartments and mulit-storey units, buildings, factories.

With our 24 hour emergency service we are never far away if you require repair to a switchboard. Call us now for immediate service.