RCD Installation

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24HEEB BLOG – RCD Installation
Feb 2016

RCD Switch

Welcome to our first instalment of our blog on Emergency Electrical job’s in Gold Coast.
We begin on a late night job we attended in Stafford, North Gold Coast. A lady called us to come out quickly to help get power back on to the entire house. We quickly arrived on-site and went into complete fault find mode. We started by testing the main switchboard and with this testing you have a series of small but crucial methods we use as electricians to get a good understanding of what’s going on with the basic structure of the wiring in the board and in the house.
We continued a visual inspection upstairs in the house and found everything to be ok.
We than started another check and tested the RCD’s or ‘safety switch’ and after that procedure the safety switch protecting the light circuit was failing the test.
The wiring in the bottom of the RCD was installed incorrectly and in turn had burnt out the terminal.