We boast a large team of highly qualified, fully licensed electricians, with over 20 years of experience we have become the most trusted electricians on the Gold Coast.

The contractors can handle any size job, any set of requirements or specification. Here is the full list of electrical services they offer.

Electrical Repair

24 Hour Emergency Electrical Service focuses mainly on repair to:

  • Residential and Domestic premises
  • Business and Commercial premises
  • Strata repairs to high rise and urban buildings

The contractors can handle all repairs, testing and defect rectification to:

Full Build Installation

They implement a full roll out of the design specification of the new build premises or project. They provide a complete turnkey solution for the full build and installation of wiring and infrastructure, from simple to the most complex design specification.

Upgrade and Renovation

They can handle all of your electrical renovation work. They renovate kitchens and bathrooms so regularly that it has become their speciality. They also do renovation of faulty, dangerous, old or dilapidated properties, including premises that have fallen below standard and require standards certification.


Maintenance is a crucial part of any smooth running enterprise. Maintenance is of paramount importance to: provide continuous operation; a reliable service with little to no down time; protect the income stream of a business; ensure that a safe and secure home, workplace or environment is met. In a domestic or residential context this mainly includes electrical systems concerning safety, security and surveillance. In the public, commercial or industrial context maintenance is be required in particular where consumable electrical components or components with shorter life spans are utilised.

With a large 24 hour crew they are an excellent choice to handle all of your electrical maintenance work no matter how large or small. They can design a maintenance schedule to meet your requirements and your budget.


They assist in the planning stage of the project / property development by:

  • Understanding the goals of your project to estimate potential future needs.
  • Review existing layout and the physical plant configuration.
  • Determining the full electrical requirement specification of your project’
  • Analysing proposed network topology for optimisation.
  • Use requirements to draft concept plan.


After the planning process is complete they develop a complete electrical design for the project / property, the design will include:

  • Outlets location and quantity
  • Lighting
  • Data, Communications and Network Performance
  • Safety systems and devices
  • Gives consideration to automation and intelligent systems
  • Main Switch Board (MSB) configuration and layout.
  • Back-up equipment
  • Circuit Distribution, Power Factor and Supply Phases
  • Publishing technical drawings including Single Line diagram schematics
  • Testing & Certification if required